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    Vines and Rushes

    The featured artist for the second half of June is Dan Braaksma. Dan's artwork will be displayed in the Great Room June 11th through June 30th.

    Dan's bio:
    "I think wanting to be an artist or musician comes from being a fan of the artists and musicians that you have admired. I believe it’s from that point that you take up the struggle and try create fine art or music. So many times I’ve heard people say that you have a talent that not everybody else has. I’d rather believe it’s not so much a talent, as it is a desire and a willingness to take up that struggle. I feel way more tenacious than I do talented! I think the funniest thing I might’ve heard is when somebody told me that painting must be very relaxing. I would rather think painting is more like mountain climbing, the fear failure always looming overhead, but great fun when the work is done and you can rest in your accomplishments!

    My favorite subject matter has always been some form of wildlife. My pencil drawings seem to struggle for realism while my watercolors are an attempt at a more loose impressionist style. I like the impressionist style the most. It’s a clever talent to make a minimum amount of brush strokes say so much and make you feel so much."

    Stop by the winery, grab a glass of wine and wander through our "gallery."

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